About Us – Sabor del Valle Latino Food & Wine Festival

Welcome to Sabor del Valle, where the vibrant spirit of Latino culture converges with the exquisite flavors of Santa Ynez Valley wines. Solvang, the picturesque “Danish Capital of America,” is set to host a celebration like no other—the Sabor del Valle Latino Food & Wine Festival. This inaugural event is a testament to the rich tapestry of Hispanic heritage and a tribute to the hardworking individuals who have contributed to the flourishing Latino wine and culinary industries.

In the heart of Santa Ynez Valley, where the sun-kissed vineyards thrive, two visionaries, Fidencio Flores and Israel Villegas, came together to create a festival that transcends boundaries and embraces the diversity of their community. Fidencio Flores, deeply rooted in the valley, spent his formative years immersed in the art of winemaking, cultivating the land alongside his father and grandfather. Together with Israel Villegas, founder of the advertising agency Lucha Media, they bring you a celebration of culture, community, and, of course, extraordinary wine.

“I’m looking forward to bringing our Santa Ynez Valley Latino wine and culinary industries together for a night everyone can enjoy,” expresses Israel Villegas, embodying the enthusiasm that fuels Sabor del Valle. With a portfolio boasting wines like Esfuerzo, Orgullo, and Fallengrape, Flores and Villegas are not just winemakers; they are storytellers, weaving tales of heritage and determination into every bottle.

The Sabor del Valle Latino Food & Wine Festival finds its roots in the essence of Hispanic Heritage Month, serving as a grand finale to the month-long celebration. This dynamic duo, Flores and Villegas, envisioned a festival that would not only showcase the exceptional wines of the region but also pay homage to the relentless work ethic of the Latino community in Santa Ynez Valley.

Join us this Saturday for a fiesta that echoes the Old Spanish Days-style celebrations, complete with the soulful melodies of mariachis, the tantalizing aromas of authentic Mexican cuisine, and a curated selection of some of the finest fermented grape juice in the country. Sabor del Valle is more than an event; it’s a manifestation of passion, culture, and a shared love for the extraordinary flavors that define Santa Ynez Valley.

Come, raise a glass, savor the moments, and be a part of the inaugural Sabor del Valle Latino Food & Wine Festival—an unforgettable fusion of tradition, taste, and togetherness. Cheers to the heritage that binds us, the flavors that delight us, and the community that inspires us.